Reason #1 – Everyone Hates America

USA = Most Despised Country

Ever been on a cruise?  For this posts sake we’ll say you have.  On the cruise did you notice the reaction that you received when you said where you’re from.  It’s no accident that many frequent travelers say they are from Canada instead of the US of A.  Our motherland isn’t respected across the globe.  In fact, people hate us in other countries.  Remember those school days when everyone hated the class bully?  We are that bully in the socioeconomic world.  We are the police force and our army often goes where it doesn’t belong.  It’s no mistake that other countries don’t like the united states.  The Obama administration was one of the worst administrations yet because they used drones to bomb other countries excessively.  Imagine being a citizen in a 3rd world country and coming back to your home after getting water at the local well to see nothing but rubble?  Let that sink in.

Imagine how that feels.  Picture that happening to you.  What would you do?  Sure you’d grieve for years.  In white america you’d go see a high price counselor who’d tell you to talk about your feelings.  In those countries they don’t have counseling services.  They don’t have psychiatrists or psychologists.  They have ways of life.  The all might United States of America just threatened their way of life.  On the ground you don’t realize who your friends & family are.  A 12 year old kid who’s father is a terrorist doesn’t know what a terrorist actually is.  He or she doesn’t understand what’s happening.  Just like in NYC where you have a young kid with a father who’s a lawyer.  He doesn’t know that his father is responsible for suing the home out from under other families to make his buck.  He just thinks of that father figure as Dad.  He would do everything for dad.

The problem is that when we incorrectly bomb another country we just make everything worse for ourselves.  That’s one of the main reasons I left the USA.  I don’t want to be from a country that’s hated across the globe.

Even Ariana Grande hates america!


Defuut – The Intro

First post.

I’m sure you have a ton of questions about why I decided to leave America and move to Europe.  Don’t worry it’s not just trump.

More posts to come.

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