Reason #2 – Capitalism

USA = #1 Capitalist Country in the World

I grew up with a so-called friend who I’ll be talking about in a minute.  He’s what I’d call an asshole capitalist.  I’m a hard worker.  I put in my time.  Everything I do, I do right (like this blog).  I work a 9-5 and sometimes a little extra on the weekends and then I go home and enjoy the weekend.  I went to my high school reunion last month to reminisce about the good old times when we had zero responsibility and a whole lot of fun.  I pull up in my Chevy to the parking lot only to see the lot filled with BMWs, Land Rovers, and a freaking Lamborghini.

I had to talk to the guy or gal with the Lambo!  Sure enough, it was my old buddy chris who won a million dollars on a scratch off.  I was talking to my old friend Spencer from high school who now runs a dental clinic called The TMJ Headache Treatment Center too.  Chris was a nerd in high school and now he’s the fucking man.  There’s not much that pisses me off more than seeing that.  He immediately struck up a conversation about how things were going with my work.  I told him I was doing a 9-5 and a little extra time on Saturdays.  He said, “what the fuck you do that for?” and then proceeded to go on a rant on how he works 100 hours a week and snowboards every week.  It’s like his shit doesn’t stink.

When I feel like I’m being talked down to I remember the days when I’d get so angry that I’d shit myself.

End rant – this boy Will doesn’t have the problems I have.  He probably got all of his stuff because he’s lucky, not because we worked hard or risked it all.

That’s why I’m moving to another country so I don’t ever have to see Will again!  A-hole!!!